Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Angel Face

Phew, what to say about this one. Well, luckily, some other schlub known as "The Seth Man" did the job for me.

Early Chrome is certainly the most obvious referent for most of this, with some Stoogy Hawkwindiness thrown in for good measure. NB: this is not "all killer no filler": "Shadows and Light" & "Before Now & After" barely pull their weight, & "Endless Road" is somewhat too aptly named, but sparks up frequently enough to make the journey well worthwhile. Plenty to love here for the biker-psych-punk afficianado.

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320kbps MP3s

Last Sounds from a Wild Odyssey Part 1
Last Sounds from a Wild Odyssey Part 2

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Lost Shoegaze, by request

First up, the 14 Iced Bears. Along w/the Telescopes & MBV (pre-Loveless, :-p), probably my favorite proponents of the genre. The Let the Breeze Open Our Hearts comp is long out-of-print, but at least seems fairly available out there on the interweb.

14 Iced Bears Let the Breeze Open Our Hearts 128kpbs MP3s

Way less trackable is their final effort, '91's Wonder: it's as if this one never existed digitally; guess I was one of the lucky ones. A definite step down from their first album, but still hitting the highs on cuts like "Heaven Star".

14 Iced Bears Wonder 128kbps MP3s

Next we got Ultra Vivid Scene's first ep, She Screamed. Okay, probably not technically shoegaze, but close enough; and, like that last 14 Iced Bears album, it's pretty much as if this never existed on CD. So here's some lowgrade MP3s. That's gonna be my policy unless someone reasons me out of it-- if it's *ever* been digitally available (i.e., it's not my own vinyl rip), 128kbps MP3s is what I'll post.

Ultra Vivid Scene She Screamed ep 128kbps MP3s

Okay, back to vinyl rips next post. Enjoy!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Mike Curb & Lawrence Brown - "Mary Jane OST"

Wildly groovy soundtrack from ex-GOP Lt. Gov. of Cali, the mighty Davie Allan & the Arrows (a few tracks of which can be heard scattered amongst their officially released discography, links below), & what sounds like the crew who played on Hal Blaine's Psychedelic Percussion. Oh yeah, & Mike Clifford & the inimitable Mrs. Miller, each taking a thwack @ the theme song (stand back for the mighty Mrs.'s version!) I think I have this categorized in my iTunes as "Biker Lounge Rock." Doovdé also MIA, sadly, though iirc from a blurry Vuhss years back, the flick was no great shakes. Great stuff, & a crate-staple for many years.

Mary Jane OST part 1
Mary Jane OST part 2

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Friday, May 30, 2008

Cedric "Im" Brooks - "Im Flash Forward"

Truly divine instrumental reggae from the Coltrane of Jamaica, Cedric "Im" Brooks. "Give Rasta Glory" was comped on Soul Jazz's absolutely essential 100% Dynamite (link below). Apparently there's a version floating around w/two unlisted bonus tracks, so hook a brother up if ya got it?

Im Flash Forward Part 1
Im Flash Forward Part 2

MP3s (fixed! 6/5/08):
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More info at Roots Archive

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

US 69 - "Yesterday's Folks"

'Since 1968 was so full of depression and sadness, it was time for some comic relief. With this thought in mind, among others, Doc Cavalier and Ed Read found the appropriate comic. Enter Bill Durso, second place winner in the Charlie Chaplin look-alike contest, with a satiric tongue in his unshaven cheek. As a jazz-flavored writer-musician, he had long sought the right combination of people to give his group that special magic an audience can feel when they see a professional act.

'In spite of this, he formed U.S. '69, your friendly neighborhood band of Mexican Banditos, whose past record individually had run the gamut from Bar Mitzvah to Supermarket openings, playing their peculiar brand of no-brow music. As their recording engineer Bill Lobb, ex-taco salesman on Sunset Strip, had said, "Unexploited talent is worthless." Floundering individuals became the group that Bill Durso did not envision, wandering minstrels in an age of mass media.

'But that name? Well, one day, while driving through Osceola, Bill happened to pick-up four sleepwalkers, who quickly asked, "Hey, Man, where are we? Where's the Gig?". Their hip language, together with having five people in the cab of a '47 pick-up, made Bill recognize that they had a certain air about them: they were musicians! "This is route U.S. 69," he said, "Hey, what a name for a group," they replied. But Durso didn't dig being named after a road. "Well, next year's '69, we could name it after that." But Durso said, "Sure, but what are we going to do in 1970?". Well, with such immediate mental rapport, the union was inevitable.

'Bill finally decided that it would mean 2069, futuristic, mystical, and all that jazz; he figured that in 100 years they should make it, or at least be "camp." Since Bill had eight tunes and four musicians lying around, they decided to stay together long enough to make one album. With such a disreputable crew this was some undertaking.

'Visually the group was "funk" personified, especially Durso, with his Phyllis Diller prize winning figure, yet this only hastened their success. Bill was the recipient of the Major Bowes' "So you think you can write a tune" Award; brothers Don and Bob DePalma, with drummer Bill Cartier, received the Distinguished Flying Cross from Seagrams, and bass fellow and snappy dresser, Gil Nelson, was voted Sinister Figure of the Year.

'Anticipating the smash success of this first album, the rags-to-rags group, purchased their first vehicle from co-manager Ed Read, part-time car salesman. As the unique choice of cars, Durso said, "We have an image to up-keep." To all this, Durso's Mom was overheard to say, "Just because Buddah pays them money, doesn't make them professional."'

--The Shark, Cynic in Residence


Yesterday's Folks Part 1
Yesterday's Folks Part 2
Yesterday's Folks Part 3


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