Saturday, June 14, 2008

Lost Shoegaze, by request

First up, the 14 Iced Bears. Along w/the Telescopes & MBV (pre-Loveless, :-p), probably my favorite proponents of the genre. The Let the Breeze Open Our Hearts comp is long out-of-print, but at least seems fairly available out there on the interweb.

14 Iced Bears Let the Breeze Open Our Hearts 128kpbs MP3s

Way less trackable is their final effort, '91's Wonder: it's as if this one never existed digitally; guess I was one of the lucky ones. A definite step down from their first album, but still hitting the highs on cuts like "Heaven Star".

14 Iced Bears Wonder 128kbps MP3s

Next we got Ultra Vivid Scene's first ep, She Screamed. Okay, probably not technically shoegaze, but close enough; and, like that last 14 Iced Bears album, it's pretty much as if this never existed on CD. So here's some lowgrade MP3s. That's gonna be my policy unless someone reasons me out of it-- if it's *ever* been digitally available (i.e., it's not my own vinyl rip), 128kbps MP3s is what I'll post.

Ultra Vivid Scene She Screamed ep 128kbps MP3s

Okay, back to vinyl rips next post. Enjoy!


Jerry A. said...

Jason you rule. I remember from back before these bears had freezer burn. YUM!

rickdog said...

Find more 14 Iced Bears in my mp3blog and forum searches: