Monday, June 2, 2008

Mike Curb & Lawrence Brown - "Mary Jane OST"

Wildly groovy soundtrack from ex-GOP Lt. Gov. of Cali, the mighty Davie Allan & the Arrows (a few tracks of which can be heard scattered amongst their officially released discography, links below), & what sounds like the crew who played on Hal Blaine's Psychedelic Percussion. Oh yeah, & Mike Clifford & the inimitable Mrs. Miller, each taking a thwack @ the theme song (stand back for the mighty Mrs.'s version!) I think I have this categorized in my iTunes as "Biker Lounge Rock." Doovdé also MIA, sadly, though iirc from a blurry Vuhss years back, the flick was no great shakes. Great stuff, & a crate-staple for many years.

Mary Jane OST part 1
Mary Jane OST part 2

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